Saturday, February 5, 2011

Spittle and Saints

MVictors has a post about Michael Taylor complaining about the hiring of Curt Mallory over Corwin Brown.  I haven't listened to it yet, but I'm looking forward to making fun of Michael Taylor.

I wondered, at that point, where Doug Mallory was now, and found he has gone back to Indiana to be co-defensive coordinator.  When I had heard Curt was hired to be DB coach, I thought maybe it was a typo and it was actually Doug.  But, now that I see he has a DC job, it makes sense. (could he be the next M DC when Mattison retires in 4 years?).

Mike Mallory on the other hand is the Assistant Specials Team Coach of the New Orleans Saints. (How many special teams coaches do they have?).

Michigan does not play Indiana, nor New Orleans next year.  If Doug had stayed the LB coach at Nebraska, the brothers would coach against each other.


  1. I was actually listening, but not paying attention when MT called in. I only realized what happened when "Dave from Phoenix/Ann Arbor" called in and called him out, wondering why he - of all people - would bring controversy to the program.
    You should find that in the TKA podcats as well

    I guess I had forgotten there were 3 Mallorys. And I guess the one I don't remember is the one now coaching our DBs...

  2. I listened to it.

    "I'm a Letterman". Um, so is Curt Mallory. And so am I

    "A spit in Corwin Brown's face is a spit in my face." Ha.

    Michael Taylor was a dick when he was a player, and he hasn't changed.

  3. Is Sam's GBMW hour on WTKA this morning? I wonder if MT is co-hosting as usual...