Wednesday, February 2, 2011


I think, overall, the hiring of Brady Hoke was a decision to get the safe guy, the company line guy.  And, of course, the mediocre guy.  

Also, as I see the recruits that Hoke has been able to get in his 2+ weeks as head coach, I read things like "...was deciding between Indiana and Bowling Green, when Michigan made an offer."  Again, it looks like M is getting mediocre players.

I don't follow recruiting, and I know very little about Brady Hoke, but if the general consensus is that a mediocre coach is recruiting mediocre players, why should I be confident anything better than mediocrity will be the result?

The Answer (and I really do believe this, no matter how ridiculous it is):  We're Michigan!!

Yes, I believe that Hoke will coach above his credentials and track record, now that he is at Michigan.  Yes, I believe the 3* recruits will turn into Mike Hart (a 3* recruit).  Yes, I think that once you get to Michigan, the magic of the place and the program take over and things get better for everyone.  I had the same feeling when RR was hired, but it didn't take long to realize that wasn't the way things were going to work.  So, now, we have someone that 'gets' Michigan, and the magic is back and the mediocre roster and staff will be a good roster and staff, and eventually morph into a great roster and staff.  

I hope.

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  1. I hear all he time that hope is not a strategy... As long as that doesn't become "Hoke is not a strategy" we might be ok.

    I heard they did get a kid from Glenville, which seems to have been an OSU strong hold for quite some time.