Sunday, October 23, 2011

Big Ten Ladder

The Ladder is back.  As you may know, each team is on a higher rung than teams they have beaten, and on lower rungs than teams they've lost to.  There have not yet been situations that cause circles/ pileups (a beats b, b beats c, c beats a, for example).  One upset could do that.

There are actually two ways to do the ladder.  One using the undefeated teams on the top rung and lining up teams below.  The other is using the winless teams and lining up the teams above.  I'm going with the first one.

The ladder as of today:

Iowa - Purdue - Wisconsin - Michigan
Minnesota - OSU
Indiana - Northwestern

Using this as a predictor, M will go 4-1 from here on out (losing to Iowa on the road).  I'd take that.

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