Sunday, October 30, 2011

Boneg Ladder

It was only a matter of time until there was a jumble in the Boneg Ladder.  When MSU lost to Nebraska, that created an MSU-Wis-Neb jumble.  8 hours later, OSU was added to that jumble when they beat Wisconsin.  Because none of the teams in that jumble have lost to any other teams, they sit on the top rung with PSU.

PSU has 5 wins, but the wins have been against 5 of the bottom 6 teams (per Boneg Ladder).  All three of the remaining games are against top rung Boneg Ladder teams.

If someone can upset MSU, it really looks to be a Boneg Championship game with 2 2-loss teams. Unfortunately, MSU's remaining 4 games are against teams on the bottom 4 rungs of the Boneg Ladder.

So, here's this week's Ladder:

PSU     MSU-Wis-Neb-OSU



MN     IL




Using the Boneg Ladder to predict the games, M will go 2-2 from this point, losing to Neb and OSU.

Using the Boneg Ladder to predict the rest of the league, MSU will not lose again earning the slot as the Michigan division representative in the Bone Championship game.  In the Indiana division, it would be a three way tie between PSU, Wisconsin and OSU, each with 2 losses.  PSU would be eliminated because they would have lost to both Wis and OSU.  That would leave OSU as the division champ due to head-to-head.

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