Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Michigan at Midpoint

As jiMpossible pointed out, somehow he has become the more confident one. Back in July I predicted M would finish 8-4, which seemed pretty optimistic.

I had M at 4-2 at this point, with losses against ND and Northwestern. Obviously M pulled out victories in both games. Looking forward. I had M losing to Iowa and Nebraska in the second half. While I wouldn't say M will definitely beat the Hawkeyes, it would seem they should. Nebraska I feel a little more confident against than I did back in July.

That being said, this week will tell quite a bit. I don't think MSU is as good as they were last season, but they are probably the best team M has played since the miracle UTL.

If Hoke can break the first time coaching in the Paul Bunyan game streak, M will definitely be the front funner for the boneg game in Indianapolis. If not they'll need help.

I'm going to go out on a limb and say M will be playing in a BCS game this January.

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  1. Interesting pessimistic prediction.

    I'm not willing to give M any fewer than 2 losses this year.

    I could see M, MSU and Nebraska all having 2 conference losses. M (to MSU, Ill), MSU (to Neb, Wis), Neb (to Wis, M). From what I can tell, the highest BCS ranked school would get in the boneg Championship game (I went through all of the tie breakers in my scenario, and this is was the first applicable tiebreaker) and with M being the highest ranked currently, losing early to MSU and then to Illinois, M would probably be the highest ranked at that point. When Wisconsin blows out M in the boneg champ game, M would probably lose out on a BCS Bowl.

    If, somehow, a different team ends up higher in the BCS rankings and snags the boneg champ game slot, that may help M a little, but maybe not enough for a BCS Bowl.

    In other words, I'm going to agree with you. It IS going out on a limb to say M will go to a BCS Bowl.