Sunday, October 28, 2012

Boneg Ladder

It is spreading out nicely.  Surprisingly, there aren't any jumble (a beat b, b beat c, c beat a) situations yet.

Here it is:


Using this as a predictor, M would only lose one* of the remaining games (at OSU).  NEB would not lose again and would represent the Legend Division in the Boneg Championship Game (BoChaGa).  The Leader Division would have IN as the representative in the BoChaGa, after they beat WI** at home giving both teams 3-5 conference records.

This week's games:
-WI at IN to see who is the 8th best team in the Boneg and get the inside track on being Leader Division rep in the BoChaGa.
-NEB at MSU.  GO SPARTANS!!! Yes, I said it.
-OSU at IL.  The best on the ladder against the almost worst.  Imagine what would happen if OSU DID play the bottom rung team.  That would be a crazy blowo...oh, wait.
-MI at MN.  Even after what he did to us in 1986 (when I was dressed as Gilligan), I still like Rickey Foggie.
-PSU at PU.  The worst on the ladder against the almost best.  Imagine what would happen if PU DID play the top rung team.  That would be a crazy blowo...oh, wait.
-IA at IN.  How is this bad Iowa team so high on this ladder?


**Even if WI beats IN (which is more likely than the Ladder prediction), then I would expect WI to be only 4-4 when they play in the BoChaGa. ***

***BoChaGa count:  4, now 5.

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  1. I can't believe wtka listeners don't want MSU to beat Nebraska this week. M beat one of those teams and lost to the other... we want the teams M beat to win.
    I wonder what Rickey Foggie is doing?