Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Trophy Update - week 5

Last Saturday WVU kept possession of the jiMpossible-sarcasMike trophy in the highest scoring match-up in trophy history. The 133 points scored topped the previous record of 115 from Princeton's 115-0 trouncing of Virginia back in 1890.

Teams have combined to score more than 100 points on 9 times in 1455 games, West Virginia and their opponents have gone over 100 three times in their current trophy run (starting with their win over Clemson to take the trophy.)

The 63 points Baylor scored in a losing effort is also a new high for the loser of a trophy game. LSU  scored 48 in a multiple overtime loss to Arkansas in 2007. As some solace to Baylor LSU did go on to win the MNC that year...

As I discussed before the season started, WVU's game this week with Texas is perhaps their toughest thus far. Can the Texas offense score enough to take the trophy from the Mountaineers? Will the Longhorn defense force more incomplete passes than TD passes from Geno Smith?

We'll find out staring at 7pm Saturday night.

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