Thursday, October 25, 2012

Michigan vs. Nebraska Prediction

Looking back at my January predictions for Michigan, I am a perfect 7-0 thus far. Unfortunately, I picked M to lose to Nebraska. I guess I should stay true to my January thesis.

At the time I was thinking the 2012 version of M would likely be a better team than the 2011 squad, but not have as good a record due to the "tougher" games taking place away from Michigan Stadium. While I think playing at Notre Dame and replacing Western Michigan with Alabama are certainly factors in the 5-2 record, I'm not convinced this is a better team.

Certainly offensively the team has taken a step back. Toussaint has not looked like he did in the second half of the season and Robinson has been more of the 2011-at-MSU-Denard than the 4th-quarter-against-Notre-Dame-Denard. I'm not sure how much of the decline can be blamed on losing Molk and Hemingway.

The other side of the ball seems to be about the same even without their best players from last year. It would seem the play of this defense has shown I was off base following the squeaker with Air Force. Mattison might just be a genius...

If I can be wrong about Mattison, I can be wrong about losing to Nebraska...

M 28 N 24

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