Sunday, July 12, 2009

Lebron, Vacation, etc.

About Lebron, I didn't really understand the hype about him when he was in high school, and I don't get it now. I don't get how anyone thinks they can control the media in these days of omninpresent media (internet, etc.). With that said, of course, I do wonder how that video hasn't popped up somewhere. Clearly, someone has some power somewhere.

We spent the entire weekend up north. The weather didn't really cooperate, but it was nice to be up there.

The more I look at M's schedule, the more I see 6-6. I really want to predict 7-5, but to do that I would have to think M will beat ND, which I don't, or to pull a win on the road against Ill, MSU or Wisconsin, which I don't, or to beat OSU or PSU, which I don't. But, it isn't that I am pessimistic. I actually think M will be much much better, and will not get blown out much and will play a lot of tight games. I just don't think more than 6 wins is possible. Sure, the overall schedule is easy if you give a value to each team and take the total. But on a game-by-game basis, M has a tough schedule. Playing two of the best teams at home is only good if you are good enough to beat them at home. Playing three of the mid teams (where you hope M is) on the road is horrible. Playing EMU, Del St., Ind and PU at home are easy wins.

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