Saturday, July 31, 2010

My Overview (by unit) of the 2010 M Football Team

In 5 or fewer words per unit

QBs: Both should be better
RBs: Many choices, no gamebreakers
WRs: See RBs
TE: Can Koger reach potential?
OLine: Solid Unit if no injuries
Kicker: I expect inconsistency
DL: Graham gone, but still good
LBs Much potential, needs to improve
DBs: Multiple weak links, needs help
Punter: Spring game was scary
Coaching Staff: Everything's been said before

Overall: Should be better. How much?


  1. should be as Haiku:
    QBs, who will start?
    Both have strengths and weaknesses.
    Please make the right choice.

    RBs, too many?
    I would like a few to shine.
    Hold on to the ball.

    Wide outs, less unknowns?
    Odoms and Roundtree, who else?
    Plus, they are both slots.

    Tight Ends, block and catch.
    Koger, Webb and Moore will play.
    Will any play well?

    OLine, has some depth.
    Molk, Schilling and Omameh
    Is Lewan Jake Long?

    DLine, No one's Graham.
    Potential for strength of D.
    Must protect LBs.

    LBs, question marks.
    Ezeh and Mouton better?
    Craig Roh soph-more jinx?

    DBs, Woolfolk best?
    Will a JT be a star?
    Still a walk-on starts?

    K & Ps, scary.
    Hagerup could be Zoltan.
    Ks consistent please.

    Other special teams,
    First they must catch all the kicks.
    And then no fumbles.

    What will coaches bring?
    RR must know, bowl or go.
    The Gerg has great hair.

  2. You stole my idea. I was going to do Haikus about each of the games on your list. Now, I'll have to do limericks. Those are harder.