Saturday, September 17, 2011

Clemson - new trophy holder

Congratulations to Clemson for taking the sarcasMike-jiMpossible all-time college football traveling trophy from Auburn today.

This is the third time Clemson has held the trophy - they defeated Duke on October 19, 1974, but lost to Tennessee the next week.

The waited 14 to hold the trophy again. The beat Penn State on New Years Day 1988. The rattled off 2 victories to start the 1988 season before losing to Florida State.

The trophy leaves the SEC for the first time since Florida won the BCS mNC over Oklahoma in January of 2009.

Clemson becomes the first ACC school to possess the trophy since Florida State's 15 game run in 1999-2000. Coincidentally, Clemson hosts Florida State next weekend. If they get by the Seminoles, they travel to Blacksburg to face the Hokies.

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