Saturday, September 24, 2011

SDSU Thoughts

Some thoughts after the SDSU game:

Even though I don’t feel any better about most of my specific concerns about this team, I somehow feel better about the team overall.  I don’t know if I feel like M will be able to go 5-3 in the conference or anything like that, but I definitely think it is possible to be in every game until the 4th quarter.

If you are looking for a way to reduce the number of carries for your 20+ carry QB, I don’t think the best idea is to put in the option play.  Of course, he was able to make some good gains when that play was called.  I don’t know if he is doing enough to stay healthy (running out of bounds, getting down before tackles, etc.).  In the first half I thought he wasn’t taking hits too badly.  In the second half I said “oof” a number of times when he carried the ball.  That will be a concern all year, I think.

I don’t want to worry about FG kicking, so I’ll just remember that M has only missed one FG this year.  Only missing one FG in 4 games is rather impressive.

The defensive line really showed up.  The rest of the defense was good, too.  Two games in a row under double digits is pretty groovy. The last season that happened was Lloyd's last season. It also happened the season before that. (Rodrig never did that).

That pass to Dileo was about the same as the play he got his TD on last week.  They need to do it more often.  Of course, one of those was dropped today (was that Koger?).

Speaking of drops.  There were too many.  Of course, Denard’s passing is just plain bad.  He has no touch on short passes, no touch on long passes (a little altitude will let the receiver get to it) and makes horrible decisions on medium passes.  I don’t see him improving on this as the season goes on.  I hope I'm wrong.

If there is a RB battle going on, I’m pretty sure Hopkins is closer being out of it.

I still think Smith is running the best.  He is tough and has some speed.  I don’t know if he is running well enough to solidify himself in the starting position yet, but I think he should be the starter for another week.  

Again, Smith made a screen play work that wasn’t working.  Against ND, Lewan (I think) missed his guy completely and Smith scooted around him.  This time, it looked like he was in front of two of the Offensive Linemen when he caught the ball.  For a team that can’t throw the ball downfield and has some problems with RBs running the ball, you’d think they would work harder on screens, bubble screens, and other very short passes.

SDSU’s passing game was bad.  I don’t know how much was forced by the M defense, but the number of passes that were in the wrong time zone and inexcusable drops was scary.  

Overall, though, I liked what the D did.  I didn’t seen anyone make multiple painful mistakes.

Most of the first half it looked like M just had more talent and was going to win for that reason.  Not unlike many of the wins M had during the Bo/Mo/Lloyd era.  I’m hoping this is the first of many wins like this.  

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