Thursday, September 15, 2011

What are the chances 2011 = 2010 = 2009

Michigan opens it season with an easy win and a decent defensive performance. They follow that up with a dramatic last minute win over arch-rival Notre Dame. Stop me if you've heard this one before.
Where does M go from here?

Reasons to expect 2011 is more of the same
  • Lack of talent on defense
  • ND is once again not as good as their press clippings
  • Offense relied on a few plays that it would seem could be coached against
  • Defense not getting much pressure without blitzing
Reasons to expect more from this team
  • better coaching - especially on the defensive side
  • offense - players and coaches - are feeling each other out and will improve over the course of the season as they learn what they can do
  • it can't happen 3 years in a row, right?
I'm not convinced this is a very good football team. I guess maybe because of that - even though the final result (still thinking 8-4) will be about the same, I don't think they'll get there the same way they have the past two seasons.

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