Monday, September 19, 2011

Where have all the conferences gone? Realignment in FBS

It appears the Big 12 and the Big East are coming apart. There is a lot of talk of four - 16-team super conferences leaving every one else outside looking in.

The Big 12 dissolving is not really that surprising to me. The inequity of Texas getting so much more than the other schools is hard to take. And the Big 12 is really only in existence because the SWC fell apart. From the beginning when they didn't guarantee an Oklahoma-Nebraska match-up every year, I thought there were problems.

The Big East has never been a football conference in my mind - Miami's success not-withstanding. It has always been about basketball. So when BC, Miami and Virginia Tech left a few years ago, I didn't think anything of it - because they weren't basketball schools. But when Syracuse leaves - Syracuse one of the founders - one of the darlings of Madison Square Garden leaves, I realized football money trumps basketball and logic.

Will the B1G be left without a chair when the realignment music stops? Should they even play this round? Who will be left of interest?

As always there is the golden child - Notre Dame. They make perfect sense - great academics, national following, geographically perfect. They currently are in the Big East in everything but football and hockey. With the Big East losing luster, will they be forced to blink this time? I read on twitter the suggestion of ND getting the same option from the B1G (everything but football), Why would the conference take that?

Missouri? Geographical - but little else. Kansas - Basketball & geography. The other Big 12 cast offs are even less appealing.
From the east - Rutgers - near NYC geographically - but not in the minds of fans (NYC or otherwise). Louisville, UConn etc. not much to go on.

Any chance the B1G loses teams if they don't add? I don't think Nebraska wants to go anywhere again so soon. PSU has always wanted another eastern team - maybe this is their chance to run if no one new joins from the east. I'd take a ND for PSU any day - let's make that trade.

Although the B1G was ahead of the curve on the last expansion, I think they're behind now and maybe that's the right place to be.

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