Friday, November 16, 2012

Better use of the Michigan Stadium videoboards

The MMB had a Willy Wonka halftime show this past weekend with prospective students getting the Golden Ticket and a chance to go to Michigan. The mistakes made by the kids in the book/movie are made by students who end up at other boneg schools. Charlie's little brother of course ends up at Michigan State but his complaint with Wonka and UM is the bigger screen they have at Spartan Stadium. The joke ends up being all the ads the Spartys have to include on the their bigger screen makes the bigger screen a wash. (Skip to about 7:50 for little brother.)

But Michigan doesn't actually take full advantage of their own big screen. I'm not asking for ads - I'm asking to leave it as a big video board - stop cutting a quarter of the screen off for stats.

I propose using the big screens in conjunction with the empty space on the luxury boxes/press box to provide the information cluttering up the big screen.

The important stuff - the score, time remaining AND a full video of the action/replay - are still on the big boards - but the auxiliary things, most of which we've only had since 1998, are still available just found in a different place.

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