Saturday, November 24, 2012

Michigan vs. OSU prediction

M hasn't won in Columbus since 2000 when Drew Henson's bootleg secured the victory and helped usher in the Jim Tressel era. That was also the last time jiMpossible and I watched the Columbus version of the M-OSU game together. Once again, jiMpossible has decided to watch the game with family instead of securing victory by watching it with me.

That combined with my picking OSU back in January, all but seals the loss. The dual QB offense isn't quite as productive against a team that isn't Iowa. Denard leads M in rushing, scores his final regular season TD (one last kneel in the opposition endzone), but it isn't enough

M 20 OSU 31

But wait, maybe since in the above referenced January prediction I still thought M would make the  boneg championship game... with Iowa going all Iowa yesterday, M cannot play in that game, even with a victory. Maybe, just maybe...

M 20 OSU 23

still not enough...

Go Blue, prove me wrong!

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