Friday, November 13, 2015

Indiana prediction based on people I know who've seen M lose to IU

Indiana has never had much success in Big Ten football. They've made it to the Rose Bowl once in my lifetime - the 1968 Rose Bowl falling to OJ Simpson' USC Trojans in Pasadena.

Michigan has an overall record vs. Indiana of 54-9. They've only lost to IU twice in my lifetime 27-20 to the 1967 Hoosiers and 14-10 in 1987.

I've seen IU come close several times.
  • I was at the famous 1979 game where a tie seemed imminent until Anthony Carter magic happened. M won 27-21
  • My first trip to Bloomington in 1999 had IU throwing to the endzone for a chance at victory as time expired. M won 34-31
  • The Rich Rodriguez era saw two close victories in 2009 and 2010. Both requiring late Michigan touchdowns and defensive stops to preserve wins for Michigan
  • Even the 2013 game that ended up 63-47 was close for most of the game
I personally know one person who has seen M lose to Indiana - and that is jiMpossible. As that 1987 game was not on TV, very few people have seen M lose to Indiana at all. jiMpossible says his family was able to watch an announcer-less feed of that 1987 game on satellite -so that may increase the numbers a little. But I post there are fewer than 100,000 people alive who have seen Michigan lose to Indiana.

That number shouldn't go up Saturday

M 42
IU 20

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