Thursday, November 19, 2015

Penn State prediction based on predictions

Back in January I predicted M would finish the regular season at 9-3 - with losses only to Utah, MSU and OSU.
In September, as kickoff vs. Utah approached I back off to 8-4, adding the extra loss against Minnesota or Penn State.

Here's how jiMpossible and I have done so far with our weekly predictions:

UtahU 31-18U 30-28U 24-17
Oregon StateM 27-15M 34-7M 35-7
UNLVM 41-7M 45-3M 28-7
BYUM 30-17M 27-17M 31-0
MarylandM 31-16M 24-3M 28-0
NorthwesternM 24-11M 17-6M 38-0
MSUM 23-20M 14-0S 27-23
MinnesotaM 21-19M 20-14M 29-26
RutgersM 39-13M 31-13M 49-16
IndianaM 36-21M 42-20M 48-41

We both picked the correct winner in every game except MSU. A couple times we've gotten really close.
jiMpossible picked Penn State earlier today. It's time for some separation in our picks. It's time to go with January over September.

M 21
PSU 13

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