Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Ohio State prediction based on historical data

Michigan is 194-58-1 in all games I have attended (all data is only for games I have attended, unless otherwise mentioned)
M is 9-7 vs. Ohio State
M is 17-8 vs. schools from Ohio
M is 11-11 vs. schools with non animal or human mascots
M is 127-42-1 in conference games
M is 163-43-1 in Michigan Stadium
M is 76-20-1 in noon games
M is 3-1 after Thanksgiving
M is 9-3 when ranked 12
M is 4-2 vs. teams ranked 8
M is 19-14 vs. teams ranked in the top 10
M is 28-20 vs. teams with a better ranking
M is 17-7 in the 7th game I have attended in a season
M is 4-1 in their head coach's 7th attended game
M is 7-3 when a victory vs. the opponent would be my 10th attended victory over them
M is 0-1 when a loss vs. the opponent would be my 8th attended loss against them
M is 2-1 when facing an opponent for the 17th time
M is 22-12 vs. teams with head coach shares the first name of a Pope

M has played 3 teams 100 times OSU, MSU and Minnesota. In the first 100 games vs. these schools, M had an overall record of  197-89-14. In the games vs. these teams since their 100ths games, M is 3-18. They have however won one-in-a-row.

In both January and September, I counted this game in the loss column. I'm afraid OSU will play 180 degrees differently than they did against MSU. But then again, HARBAUGH.

It's easy when you look at all the numbers,

M 27
OSU 17

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