Sunday, October 24, 2010

Congratulations Georgia - new trophy holder

Georgia beat Kentucky last night 44-31. For the 4th consecutive week - the trophy changed hand. Alabama - South Carolina - Kentucky - Georgia.

This is Georgia's 5th time holding the trophy. In 1942 they took the trophy from Alabama before losing it 3 weeks later to Auburn. In the finally of 1966, Georgia knocked off their cross-state rivals, Georgia Tech. They held the trophy for 5 games - including both of our births - before losing to Ole Miss. The Bulldogs took back the trophy early in the 1971, with a victory over Tulane. They ripped off 7 straight wins before losing to Auburn. The last time they held the trophy was in 1989. This was their shortest run. They defeated Mississippi State to gain the trophy, then lost the next week to South Carolina.

So overall the Bulldogs are 13-4 when holding the trophy. They've got 3 losable games left out of 4. Next week they face Florida in Jacksonville. November 6 they host Idaho State. November 13 they travel to Auburn. Then the close the regular season on the 27th against Georgia Tech.

I'm going to predict they lose next week to Florida and the trophy will change hands again...

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  1. If your prediction is correct and M plays in the Gator Bowl, then having the cup in the SEC currently could give M a chance to get it back this year.