Sunday, October 3, 2010

Thoughts that somewhat reply to jiMpossibles thoughts

I don't think Kovacs is at his beast against a passing team. They may have been better off using BrianGoBlog's theory of using him as middle linebacker and putting in 2 of Johnson/T Gordon/Avery/Talbott. He should be better this week - when he can run downhill to stop the Spartans running game. Of course he'll look bad when they run play-action.

Live it was difficult to pick out one defender to blame. I know in long yardage, they would move Floyd to safety when they brought in Avery and Tallbott. Maybe they should just keep him at corner - but if he's screwing up there too, I don't know what to tell you.

It seemed like after Robinson came back - they were protecting him more. More hand offs and passes, less QB runs. Then they decided there was no more time to fool around, and they turned him loose. At this point, I'm not sure anything but injuries and coaching decisions can stop him.

Did Gallon fully muff that punt? I thought he just bobbled it and then it he gathered it in before it hit the ground. Maybe it did go all the way to the ground, but just for argument sake - if it didn't go to the ground is the coverage team allowed to hit the returner? He had called a fair catch, it would seem if the ball never hits the ground, they still shouldn't be able to touch him. They did have both he and Dileo back on at least one of the punts. I like that.

If the M defense can't stop the other team by dropping 8 back into coverage, why not not blitz like mad. Worst case scenario, they score more quickly - which means more possessions for the offense...

I refuse to comment on the Palestine/Israel situation. As I recall from "Time in a Bottle" the problem was not theirs in the beginning...

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