Monday, October 18, 2010

Now what indeed...

Like the MSU game, the excuse makers have built in evidence for M's "greatness."

If Smith doesn't fumble, if Denard doesn't get hurt/Tate comes in sooner, if Lewan doesn't pick up so many stupid penalties, if Mike Martin/David Molk don't get hurt, if Avery makes the third down tackle, if someone picks off that last third down pass of Iowa's that was just begging to be intercepted of the deflection...

I think it is clear that teams with decent defenses give Michigan trouble. So I would put PSU, Illinois, Wisconsin and OSU in that group. Teams with somewhat balanced offenses give M trouble. Purdue, Wisconsin and OSU meet this category.

Michigan is 2-0 on the road (in Indiana!) so maybe PSU, OSU and especially Purdue are in the W column?

Robinson regressed as a passer against MSU and I didn't feel like he was back to his pre-MSU self vs. Iowa. Tate was Tate - some great throws, some horrible throws...

I thought Kenny Demens was much better than I have ever seen Ezeh play. M stopped Iowa the first two possessions then put Ezeh in for a drive and Iowa found their offense - I doubt it was a coincidence.

For Rodriguez the most important games left on the schedule are Illinois and Purdue. Losing to OSU 3 years in a row is forgivable. Losing to MSU 3 years in a row is painful but they're a decent to very good team. Losing to Illinois and Purdue 3 years in a row - that will get you fired.

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