Tuesday, October 5, 2010

A Positive Spin

With MSU's defense being better than Indiana's, it will take M longer to score, which will give the M defense more rest, which will result in MSU not scoring as much.


  1. I think you may be being a little sarcastic, but unfortunately you aren't too far off.

    I think M could try do just say who cares about the defense at this point. Remember when the Paul Westhead Loyola Marymount basketball teams wanted to get a shot off within 8 seconds. Then they played Princeton and their run the shot clock offense. To entice Princeton to shoot more quickly ULM eventually only sent 4 AND THEN 3 back on defense.
    Michigan's best chance might be the same thing - blitz like crazy - it'll cause turnovers or quick scores - either way we get the ball back more quickly!

  2. The blitzing philosophy would be interesting and might even work, but I don't see RR and Gerg doing it. They think what they are doing is what will work best.

  3. hey - viewing your comment caused our 1200th visit!!!!