Monday, November 25, 2013

Cowboys are trophy holders

Oklahoma State knocked the Baylor juggernaut off the tracks this past Saturday with a 49-17 victory. More importantly they took possession of the jiMpossible-sarcasMike Trophy.

(Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)

This is only the second time the Cowboys have held the trophy. Back in 2008 they won it from Missouri, held it for a week against Baylor before losing it to Texas. They played for it two more times in the 2008 season, losing to Texas Tech and Oklahoma. Their all-time record in trophy games is 3-7.

Oklahoma State has a bye week this Saturday before facing their arch-rival Sooners 12/7 and then the trophy will most certainly go bowling.

The bowl game is likely the best chance for the j-s trophy to come back to the B1G. Maybe in the Fiesta Bowl against Wisconsin or Michigan State.

Baylor did have quite a run as trophy holder. Their 12 wins as trophy holder matched Tim Tebow's Florida team. You'd have to go back to the tainted USC team in 2004-05.

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