Friday, November 1, 2013

Who is more stupid? PSU or the NCAA Statistics Staff

On the NCAA Football Statistics website, this year's Michigan-Penn State game is listed as having only one overtime.  Because there was a link on the webpage that said "Contact Us", I figured I could send a message and they'd look it up somewhere, and fix the mistake.  No problem.  But instead, I got this email response:

Mr. Sullivan:

Thank you for your email and interest in NCAA statistics.  The overtime report is generated from game files submitted by the host institution.  The game was submitted showing one overtime instead of four.  We have contacted the host institution several times to make them aware of this mistake and for them to submit a corrected file.  Unfortunately, the report cannot be updated until the updated file is submitted.

Thank you again.

Michelle Forkner

NCAA Statistics Staff

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  1. Cool - if it only went 1 OT M's record goes to 6-1-1!