Friday, November 8, 2013

Nebraska prediction based on historical data

M is 185-50-1 in all games have attended (all data is from games I have attended unless otherwise noted)
M is 155-34-1 at Michigan Stadium
M is 122-36-1 in conference games
M is 1-0 against Nebraska
M is 28-14 when unranked
M is 134-20-1 against unranked opponents
M is 11-4 in the 8th game I've seen in a season
M is 1-3 in the head coach's 25th game (losses for Mo, LC,and RR win for Bo)
M is 52-10 when their starting QB wears the highest jersey number I have ever seen start at QB for Michigan
M is 34-15 after a loss
M is 5-1 when the opposing coach shares the first name with a former M coach
M is 17-8-1 when facing a Big 10/Big Ten/B1G team for the last time before conference expansion (assuming I do not go to Northwestern or Iowa)
M is 7-0 against teams with a nickname that is a job/profession/person doing a task

It's easy when you add it all together:

M 38 Nebraska 28

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