Friday, April 2, 2010

96 team field for the NCAA tournament

It has become pretty clear that the NCAA Men's Basketball tournament is expanding to 96 teams in the near future. Here is a transcript of the press conference when the rolled out "how the theoretical structure of the 96 team tournament might go." The Q&A section gets pretty nasty. has implied that John Feinstein is the lead questioner.

It took me a while to figure out how their plan works. It looks like there would be 16 games each on Thur/Fri (the 9 seed vs 24 seed, 10 vs 23 etc.). The winners would take on the 1-8 seeds who got byes (9 vs 24 winner faces 8 etc), in 16 games each on Sat/Sun.

Then the winners would play again - 1/(16/17)winner against 8/(9/24)winner - Tue/Wed.

From here the tournament stays the same with the Sweet 16 games are Thu/Fri and Elite 8 Sat/Sun and the final four the next Sat/Mon.

Feinstein Points out there is no chance for winners will go to any class that second week. He makes a strong point of comparison on how the NCAA couldn't possibly have a football playoff because of how much school the players would miss yet there is little concern for the missed class here.

I know you're shocked, the main issue is making money!


  1. It is all very sad. I wonder if M would have made it this year, or if they will have rules about teams with losing records in the conference. This could turn out to be really silly.

  2. Since there are 300+ teams, I don't think they'd be drooping to teams with losing records (unless they won their conference tournament.)

  3. So, we'll have a bunch of mid majors with .600 winning percentages. Nice.