Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Michigan QB situation

Rodriguez: ...he’s a talented, talented guy...

Sullivan: Being fast doesn't equal being talented.

If there is really a battle for the starting QB job, M will win no more than 5 games next year. I don't believe either of these things are true.


  1. Either of which things? The Rodriguez and Sullivan statements or the qb battle and the 5 games?

    I would be disappointed if Forcier hasn't improved enough so that he maintains a sizable gap over Denard. I'm hoping Denard spends most of his time as the back-up QB this year - because that would mean Gardner is a complete redshirt.

  2. QB Battle and 5 wins.

    We only have one year to measure Forcier's ability to stay healthy for an entire season, and it isn't promising. With that in mind, I can't expect Gardner will be able to stay off the field for 12 games.