Thursday, April 22, 2010

New 68 team NCAA Men's Tournament

I like the restraint the NCAA showed in limiting the expansion to 68 teams instead of 96 originally thrown around. What I don't like is putting teams that earned their way to the tournament by WINNING their conference treated like they red-headed step children in their own little mini bracket in Dayton on Tuesday.

Way not have the last 8 at large teams compete in the play-in games instead of 8 conference champs? Wouldn't there be more interest in the games if they were Virginia Tech vs. Cal instead of Arkansas Pine-Bluff vs. Winthrop? Instead of getting teams people would be interested in seeing play - more TV money and better attendance in Dayton, we settle for keeping the little guy down.

1 comment:

  1. I see your point and I can't really disagree. I can't really agree, either, because 68 = 65 as far as I'm concerned. 96 does not = 65, therefore, this is better than what could have happened. I'm hoping they make it double elimination. That could make even MORE money.