Friday, April 23, 2010

Sam and Ira argument on WTKA

I usually like to disagree with both of Ira and Sam from WTKA, however today I have to agree with both.
They were discussing the money going to the NCAA as part of the new basketball tournament deal. Sam is arguing that since there is no change to the labor cost (because the athletes work for free) any increase is just profit for the NCAA. He wants the basketball players to get part of the pie.
Ira is making the argument I have long made - that money goes to pay for the the majority of the sports that lose money. I do agree with Sam that the recent meteoric increase in coaching salaries probably disproves some of that. No one (except the coaches of non-revenue sports) seems to raise an eyebrow that the basketball and football coaches make substantially more than the other sports.
They just determined that the full contract would provide about $600 a year to each NCAA Division I athlete - they don't know what the divisor would be if they included all divisions.
To me the whole thing is just chasing its own tail. There is so much money to be made that the coaches (and everyone else) want more, so they expand to get more money to pay the higher costs...
Late addition - the WLA took a look at this issue as well - chitownblue wanting athletes to get some of the money with mjv arguing against much of this in the comments.

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