Thursday, April 15, 2010

What I've Seen So Far

My opinions of spring practice and the team are limited to the snippets I see at, and the occasional MGoBlog entry that is worth reading, so I only have a few things that I've really noticed.

1)Gardner appears to have some moves. I don't know what this means in terms of his ability to play and make plays, but it definitely fits into the RR offense.
2) If you didn't already know, DLaces is fast. Really fast. And in some of the video I saw, he actually ran the spread/read (I don't know the difference) option and also made some moves that consisted of more than accelerating and outrunning. If the practice highlights are anything like what he can do against opponents, I could become a Lacehead
3) Too many running backs and wide receivers who are good. Hopefully, some of them become great.

I know I only mentioned the main skill positions. That is all I have really seen. Part of that is because the camera shots are too tight on the M website. They love their ball carriers.

One more thing. The NCAA investigating WVU. Is it normal for the NCAA to go to a prior school of the coach when they find infractions? It seems a bit presumptive if they do that. It almost seems like that must have had another reason (former players saying things were not done correctly, etc.) to actually start that investigation. I hope I'm wrong. Not that I want RR to stay around more than this year, but I really would like it to be a quiet season regarding off field events. After the season, let's talk about what to do with him


  1. Regarding looking back at former jobs for infractions; I heard someone talking about that on WTKA yesterday. I don't remember who it was (maybe Eric Adelson?) but hey said it was a new NCAA investigation paradigm. They're tired of the John Calipari - leaving 2 schools on probation and getting no punishment himself - problem.

  2. Then, it is no big deal. Unless they find a lot of stuff, of course.