Thursday, June 4, 2009

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I'm not one to agree that newspapers and magazines are dead, but I've noticed that those that try to be the same thing they were 5-10 years ago just won't succeed. I've heard SI is actually about 1/2 the size now that it was a decade ago. I think the reason it still exists is because of people like you who have the nostalgia of it.

I was thinking the other day of how much I loved Pro Football Weekly and Football News. Those weekly football papers (monthly during the offseason) had so much info. All of that info is certainly available online today, but there was something about getting it in the mail and looking at it. And, as you know, saving it.

I don't know what the purpose of magazines will be. I don't think you can replace a specialty magazine like Hour Detroit with its high gloss and perfect doctor office appeal. But, more mainstream/widespread mags like Time and Newsweek are nothing more than a series of articles that you can find online. I think newspapers are pretty much the same. I haven't heard anything about the Oakland Press having serious problems, though the number of ads on the front page of each section has increased. But, so has the local sports coverage. That is because it is really serving the smaller suburbs and townships of Oakland County. There is no other news source (no internet news on what happened in Highland Township last night), so I think it will last longer. The Freep specializes in national, state and metro area news. There are way too many sites that have this info.

So, print media isn't dead, but I think big print media is.

Long live the Montmorency County Tribune!!!!!

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