Wednesday, June 24, 2009


That is clearly a reputation list. I don't feel at all comfortable that M has that rep with RR now in charge, but I also don't think it means much unless there is actually a violation. There is no question RR is not as clean as Lloyd and Bo. But, should we look at him as being a crook and a cheater or just as another coach who isn't quite Lloyd and Bo in that area? I don't know. I guess his winning percentage will also help in how we look at him here at M. I'm sure USC (#1) generally has little problem with their coach, Skippy. I would hope M fans/alums are able to stay above the fray and would want him gone the moment there is a violation, but I'm not sure how it would go if he turns the team around and is challenging for MNCs every other year. Of course, if he commits a major violation in the next year or two, he'll be gone within the week.

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