Sunday, September 12, 2010

About Drob against ND

The amzing thing is that he did again. Everyone knows what he is capable of after the UConn game and he still was able to put up impossible numbers. He can't do this every game, can he?   He certainnly isn't going to do it against UMass and hopefully not against Bowling Green because he shouldn't play but half the game if M does what it is supposed to.  I hope.  He could, I guess, have 3 carries for 210 yards in the only three plays he is out there.   
-I don't think he had the holes like he did against UConn. That is a little concerning
-He was responsible for 84% of the plays.  Yikes  I don't know if the team can rely on one person so much and expect to succeed for 12 games.  Losing him could be the collapse of the offense.  Not just a significant setback, but the collapse.
-I love that play where he looks like he is running a sweep.  He is actually closer to the line of scrimmage, so it doesn't even seem like he would do anything else.  Then, when the safety (isn't it?) comes in to make the play on him, he tosses it to the slot receiver right where the defender had been playing.  Amazing.  In some ways it reminds me of the Tim Tebow option/shovel pass play where it seemed there is no way to stop it.  Of course, Drob could have run the play more times than the passes and I just didn't notice it, and he could have had no gain. Anyhow, I like it.
-Drob's passing was OK, even with the number of incompletions.  I'm still not convinced he can be a successful downfield passer.  That one in the end zone that Roundtree couldn't come up with, though, was a very good throw.  I will comment on that during my offense (Non-Drob) roundup.   No interceptions, and I really expected at least two this week.  As long as the receivers get open (enough) and/or Drob can hit them on the perimeter and they get positive yardage, he will continue to not throw interceptions.
-I was surprised last week that Drob didn't break a long run.  His TD wasn't short, but I really expect that with his speed he will be having extra-long TD runs every game.  85 yards is extra long.  I expect this too happen at least every other game (50+ yards).  Every time he is running it, there is a possibility.  He is fast, after all.  This will easily keep his rushing yards to a crazy high number.  Probably 100 every game.  Even when he doesn't have to win it for M like he did against ND.
-Speaking of fast, he isn't just fast at running. But on that one play when he was bogged up on the left side, reversed field and ran right, he went from holding the ball as a ball-carrier and pulling it out to pass it so quickly, even watching the replays I can't figure out how he did it.  Amazing.
-Denard's numbers definitely are heading towards the Heisman.  If he keeps this up, there is no way they could not give it to him, even if M finishes 6-6.  But after 2 games in 1990, Jon Vaughn was definitely on his way to a Heisman if he kept up his average of 244 yards per game average.  He didn't.  And in 1991, I thought Desmond Howard...(oh, wait).


  1. Doesn't the length of his run depend on the length of the field available?

    His 32 yard TD run against UConn would have been 99 yards if they were that far away.

    Once he gets into the secondary, it's over...

  2. Agreed, but if it takes 6 plays of moving the ball before he makes a play, then it won't be as long. My point is that I expect more long plays at the beginning of the drive. A big play is bigger when the drive first starts. Making a big play from the 4 yard line is only big when time is running out.