Thursday, September 23, 2010

Rose Bowl & Modern Family

Spoiler Alert

Modern Family premiered last night. At one point Claire Dunphy finds an old picture of she and Phil at the Rose Bowl (or Rose Parade - we don't see the picture). When asked about the game Phil says something like:
"...we got pummeled by Penn State"
He also mentions Angela Lansbury was the Grand Marshall.

I love Modern Family, but they mixed up their Rose Bowl years.

Penn State is 1-2 in the Rose Bowl. Their only victory came in the 1995 match-up against Oregon. However, the Grand Marshall that year was Chi Chi Rodriguez. Angela Lansbury was actually the Grand Marshall for the 1993 Tournament of Roses, where she presided over the Michigan victory against Washington.

I wonder if they just picked her so Phil could make the joke "...Good times, she wrote." If that was the case why not have the Dunphys be UW alums? To my knowledge they have no previous references to being Oregon alums. Perhaps someone on the writing staff is from Oregon or from Penn State and wanted to reference that game.

Either way, it seems Michigan's reign as the school that pops up on my favorite shows (Dharma Initiative on Lost and House and Cuddy on House) appears to have ended.