Sunday, September 12, 2010

The Offense Against ND (except Drob)

The OLine did not make the holes as often as they did against UConn.  I never really felt any running back had a good hole to be able to make their own play.  If they have this problem against better teams, there could be some other Drob miracle finishes required to win.
-I was surprised there weren't more perimeter plays.  Where were all of the screens/bubble screens, end arounds, etc.  ?  The ND D seemed to shutting down the inside pretty well.
-This game emphasized that there are not big play receivers on this team.  They catch the ball fine, they get a few yards after the catch pretty well, but I don't expect to see any of them making a great move and blowing past the DBs after a catch.  I don't expect any of them battling with a DB for a ball in the air and coming down with it.  I don't think there is a receiver on the team that would have caught the Roundtree ball in the end zone.  And that is sad.  It was very catchable, though difficult.  I just don't have the confidence in the receivers to catch a ball that is thrown to a well-covered receiver. Good, scrappy, serviceable.  Not playmakers, necessarily.  If we ever need a receiver to win a game for us, I just don't think any of them will be able to do it.  I much more confidence in the RBs.
-So, about  days ago I admitted that I didn't like Odoms.  Since then, he has made some nice catches on key plays (he seemed like the only receiver getting open early on) and whenver there is a play downfield, you see him preventing his man from getting to the ball carrier.  He is scrappy and he is a decent receiver.  No worse than the other ones M has.  He has done everything you could ask out of an undersized, scrappy split end.  If he continues this, I will take back my not liking him.
-Not much to say about the RBs, as the Oline didn't do much for them. It will be interesting to see how they do against Indiana and MSU
-I was surprised about the lack of penalties against UConn and I expected more this week on both sides of the ball, but there were way too many.  And some of them were at the most horrible times.  I'm assuming the norm will be somewhere in the middle.
-Other than wanting more perimeter plays at different times during the game (especially screen), I like the play selection.

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  1. The blocks that Roundtree and Odoms made on the long run were outstanding. Both of them sold out to knock their man to the ground.
    It looked like Roundtree turned partially the wrong way first or something on that pass on the second to last drive. Seeing it live I thought "No chance", I was surprised when he got his hands on it from the replay.
    One thing that was apparent - there were so many more possessions Saturday than in the first week.
    M had 530+ yards and punted 10 times! That's crazy! Both teams had 530+ yards and only 4 scores each.