Monday, September 27, 2010

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Was that a new crew? What were the announcers saying about the officiating at the game? There seemed to be a lot of interesting calls.

Never saw a replay of the Molk hitting a defenseless player penalty

So much wrong with the two #9s penalty. This was on BGSUs second punt. I had noticed them both out there on the first one - and they were both on the hands team against UMass kickoffs (what's not wrong - 3 GUYS BACK ON A PUNT HALLELUJAH!!!!) So the officials didn't know what the actual penalty was, timeout vs. penalty and re-kick.
On the surface - big deal, but the re-kick lead to much worse field position and that was just before Denard's injury. There is an indirect connection between the re-kick and the injury.

Did the Michigan coaching staff not know this was a penalty? Did they "try to get away with something?" They quickly got a new uni for Avery - and I see today he officially changed his number to jimPossible's favorite (5). I'm not sure which scenario is better - are they too lazy/stupid to know their rule book or are they so smart/slick they think they can get away with violating the rule?

I thought the defense was decent, it was good to get so many players into the game. They really only gave up 2 drives and one play. And they had BGSU stopped twice on 4th and goal. Once the officials messed up and once the tackling. Now, obviously that was against BGSU, without their # 1 QB. But if EMU can get 20 on the Buckeyes, should M complain about giving up 21 to the Falcons? I don't think so.

Toussaint must still be banged up or he is really slow.

I think Michigan only missed two 3rd down conversions. On the first one, the game was still close-ish and it would have been a LONG field goal so I can see not kicking. The second was with a big lead, it it is generally accepted when way ahead that a field goal is douchier than going for it.


  1. I was listening to the radio broadcast during the 9 incident. They seemed a little confused, but accepted it. They said you can have two of the same number on KOs, but not on scrimmage plays.

    As far as the coaches, they probably don't think of players as having numbers. I'm guessing they just decided who to have in there and didn't think about numbers. I'm not sure you realize something like this until it actually happens.

    Defense looked to miss a lot of tackles. I'll be interested in seeing the "Every Defensive Play" video to see if it seemed as common as it did to me during the game.

    Toussaint better be banged up. Otherwise, he adds nothing and should sit at 4th string.

    I don't care if kicking a FG would be bad sportsmanship. If the problem M has is that the kickers get scared, they should be trying FGs on third down of games that are already in hand.

  2. Oh. And there is only one way to return punts: With one guy back!