Thursday, September 16, 2010


I didn't think there would much more movement, but after 53 reporting, M has moved up to #30. 

In a 32 team tourney, M would go to Oregon in the first round.  After winning that one, M would play the winner of South Carolina and Southern Cal (USC v USC)*.  S Car is the higher seed.  After winning that one.  M would likely play Boise St.  Then OSU.  Then Alabama.

*That reminds of a story.  I've gone to two college football games with my friend, Aaron. (I also saw him at a juco game, but I didn't actually go with him).  Arizona at Southern Cal and Arkansas at South Carolina.  Both were U of A at USC.  Can't get more interesting than that.


  1. Great story... and very well told.

    M received their lowest ranking from CSL #91 - which uses essentially a w-l; opp w-l; opp-opp w-l system.

    M is ranked below both the team they beat, only Maryland is a lower ranked 2-0 team in the CSL. I wouldn't expect UMass game to help much. If MSU beats ND M's ranking could fall again (they fell from #89 to 91 this week)

    Their highest ranking is from CFN (#13)- which uses a purely subjective system - and Sagarin-Elo - which actually goes into the BCS ranking.

  2. I looked at that CSL and I don't think his explanation of his system is right. M is 2-0 and has played two 1-1 teams. I'm not going any further beyond that, but how could any 2-0 team be that far down when the two teams they played are 1-0 in games not against the 2-0 team? There is something missing.