Monday, September 6, 2010

Review Pre-Season Predictions

If I have a chance, I will review how my pre-season predictions are coming along.

1. The defense is 7th in yards/gm, 7th rushing yards/gm, T7th passing yds/gm, t5th takeaways, #3 scoring. The good news is that most of the other B10 teams played amongst the easiest games of the season this past weekend, and M still has their two "stat-padding" games coming up. The bad news, of course, is I can't tell if the D is going to be any good against decent teams
2 QB controversy is not really a controversy today. If Drob plays 62.4% as well as he did Saturday, he will keep the job without any controversy
3. Regardless of what Tate's dad is saying, I think Tate is gone after the year. I hope that Tate was suspended this game for attitude issues (or whatever is going on between he and Rodrig, and if Drob struggles next week, Tate is the one that is chosen. If Gardner goes in again before Tate, I'll be pretty sure this is a correct prediction
4. As far as I know, no starters from Saturday are off the team yet.
5. I don't know if Gardner has officially blown his redshirt yet, but if he doesn't have an injury in the next couple weeks, he'll be gone in 4 (or less).
6. The polls aren't out yet so I don't know for sure what is happening this week, but I believe M will get some votes. A victory over ND may get them into the top 25 (like last year). We'll see.
7. Molk going out made me wonder about this one. One review of the OLine's performance I read, had Molk doing the worst out of all of them. We'll see how this goes.

One prediction I forgot to write down, but I mentioned to people many times was that there wouldn't be a 1000 rusher or receiver this year. I don't know if I would have specified RB or not, but clearly Drob is on his way to 1000 rushing.

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