Friday, September 24, 2010

How are my pre-season predictions (non-win/loss)?

  1. The defense will be in the top 5 in all major categories (yards/game, rushing yds/game, passing yds/game, takeaways, scoring defense) but will give up enough big plays for people to complain about it. yds/game #11; rushing yds/game #10; pass yds/game #10; takeaways T#5; scoring D #10.  Not doing too well here.
  2. The QB controversy will last most of the year and we haven't heard the last of the players' anti-Tate sentiment. Which leads to...So far, so wrong
  3. This will be Forcier's last year for Michigan. He will transfer after the season, regardless of who the coach will be.  Still very possible
  4. There will be at least 2 players who start the first game (on offense or defense) who won't even be on the team by the time M plays OSU.  A few people have left.  No starters.
  5. Gardner will not redshirt.  I don't know if this is official yet, but it looks that way.
  6. M will not crack the Top 25 all season.Wrong
  7. Molk will have more postseason honors than Schilling.We'll have to see.
Pretty bad predictions, really.

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