Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Bobcat tackles Buckeye!

I'm not going to post the video, nor even post a link because it is very easy to find one of the few videos out there showing the attack.  But, I have some comments to make about it and other things:

1) That silly Bobcat chased down the Buckeye half way across the field.  And then did it again back to the end zone. Crazy.

2) It was a horrible tackle.  If he had been planning this, as it is reported, you'd think he would have tried to learn the best way to tackle someone.

3) Why don't the M cheerleaders pole the opposing mascot anymore?  I think Brandon needs to bring that back.

4) Was Willie the Wolverine ever an official UM creature?  I remember it being at a game or two in the mid to late 80s (really tall, I remember).  I never hear of him when mascots at M are discussed.  I wonder if it was just a proposed marketing thing that was never actually accepted by the U, though I thought it was something the Athletic Department was trying out.

5) Remember when that guy with the Bullwinkle head marched onto the field with the band?  That must have been 1985.  Pretty funny.


  1. 1 - I almost thought it was a set up until I saw Brutus being really angry

    2 - Not the best form, but the suit - and Brutus's suit, make tackling difficult. You're right he should have planned better, but he probably didn't have a second costumed "scout team" Brutus

    3 - It seems like the alumni cheerleaders tried to do this not too long ago - within the last 5 years

    4 - Willie was never officially recognized. I think he was the idea of a couple students or recent alumni. The U basically gave them a cease and desist order...

    5 - I don't think I remember this at all.

  2. You don't remember the guy with the moosehead walk out on the field? I know it couldn't have happened when 1986, because I'm sure I wouldn't have thought it was as funny (being a band elitist). The guy just walked right out from one of the end zones in the same direction of the band. He had a cheap moose head on.