Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Hypothetical geographic realigned standings (week 1)

You may or may not remember when I attempted to divide all 120 FBS teams into 10x12 geographically aligned conferences.

After 1 week all but three teams have played a game (NM St, ULM and Fl Int).

The FBS teams are 76-41 so far. Ranking the conferences by winning percentage so far you'd have:

Plains & Mid Atlantic (10-2)
Southeast (9-2)
Northeast (9-3)
Far West (8-4)
Rio Grande (7-4)
Great Lakes & Mountain (7-5)
Gulf (5-6)
Ohio Valley (4-8)

There were 12 conference match-ups in the opening week of games.

In the Far West - USC over Hawai'i
Mountain - CU over CSU & BYU over Washington
Rio Grande - Texas over Rice & TTU over SMU
Great Lakes - MSU over WMU & ND over Purdue (Michigan is already a 1/2 game behind two teams! But M plays them both...)
Ohio Valley - OSU over Marshall & Kentucky over Louisville
Gulf - Miss St over Memphis
SE - Fl Atl over UAB
NE - Maryland over Navy

16 Conference games this week include:
UTEP @ Houston
GTU @ So Carolina
Duke @ Wake
So Fla @ Florida
Iowa St @ Iowa
M @ Notre Dame
Ark St @ ULL
Ark vs. ULM
LSU @ Vandy
Toledo @ Ohio
Rice @ No Tex
WKU @ Kentucky
Idaho St @ Utah St
Miss @ Tulane
Stanford @ UCLA

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