Friday, September 24, 2010

BGSU Blogger picks comparison

Looks like most of the bloggers picks are in and everyone seems to be on the same page.

sarcasMikeM 45-13
jiMpossibleM 40-22
MGoBlogM 46-21
Big House BlogM 48-21
Maize & BrewM 48-24
Maize & GoBlueM 48-21
MzoneM 45-17
Wolverine BlogM 45-20
UMGoBlogM 47-24

Unless someone is spot on, it will be difficult to pick a winner....


  1. Just use these basic rules (if you want):

    You have to pick the correct winner (unless everyone is wrong, of course).
    Take the difference in points for M, then difference in points for opponent. The one with the lowest total wins.

    For instance, if M wins 45-20 you'd be 7 off, I'd be 7 off, MGoBlog would be 2 off, etc.

  2. Based on those rules -

    sM 28
    jp 26
    MGB 19
    BHB 17
    M&B 20
    M&GB 17
    MZ 24
    WB 21
    UMGB 21

    I don't like those rules because I finish last...
    If you also add the difference in the spread (the delta delta)

    sM 40
    jp 52
    MGB 38
    BHB 34
    M&B 40
    M&GB 34
    MZ 40
    WB 40
    UMGB 42

    I like that much better