Sunday, September 12, 2010

Checking my ND prediction

  • ND does a better job limiting Denard's running game, but the backs are more productive - Uh No!
  • M's passing game is less efficient - at least one interception (see below) - Well, they did have a lower completion percentage and Robinson missed some open passes, but When they needed it, on the final drive, the passing game came through.
  • M commits their first turnover (and then their second) - Nope - another fumble, but recovered by M
  • M's defense is still surprisingly effective (or at least better than preseason predictions) - Other than 3 plays? On WTKA this morning, Sam Webb and Michael Taylor went into their "what game were you watching," and "You obviously never played the game..." Now the caller did say he didn't think M deserved to win because of how bad the defense was. That's probably too far, but certainly you can;t say the defense played well. They did at times. When M's offense had problems through most of the second half, they kept getting the offense the ball back. To give up that many yards, to allow ND to get into that field position with 27 seconds left, you have to wonder how good UMass's offense is. Can Cam Gordon keep them in front of him?
  • Gibbons, has a better week - Couldn't have been much worse
  • Notre Dame gets an early score, but then M keeps their poise and the game is close the whole way. - I guess I nailed this one
  • Michigan trailing late is unable to get Notre Dame off the field and the game ends - Well, ND did have the ball as the game ended...
M 20 - ND 24- I did get the ND score right. and M did attempt 2 field goals....

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