Saturday, September 18, 2010

Comparison of Michigan Blog predictions

This is another one I meant to start with the UConn game. I've gone back and tracked down the pre-game predictions from jiMpossible and I and compared them to MGoBlog and the other Michigan blogs listed at MGoBlog. I didn't track the gang at WLA, because there are so many of them, that the list would have been just too long...

Here is the data so far

U ConnNDU Mass
sarcasMikeM 34-24ND 24-20M 41-21
jiMpossibleC 28-24ND 34-28M 44-17
MGoBlogM 38-30M 31-27M 42-17
Big House BlogM 31-21M 28-21M 42-7
MGoFootball M 36-26M 52-13
Maize & BrewC 34-31M 35-27M 45-13
Maize & GoBlueM 37-31ND 37-31M 41-21
MzoneM 32-24ND 32-24M 51-17
Wolverine BlogM 37-31M 34-28M 52-20
UMGoBlogM 41-35M 37-31M 66-19

The bolded numbers are what I think were the closest predictions. Certainly, everyone was thinking today's game wouldn't be as close as it ended up.
In the head to head match-up with jiMpossible - I'll claim a 3-0 lead for the season!

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  1. If M gets back into the groove, you will out-predict me every game. I'm just not confident in this team.