Friday, September 10, 2010

M at ND

I keep hearing things like this from GBMWolverine:

Call it the luck of the Irish, but Michigan has struggled at Notre Dame.

So I decided to see if that is really true.

Since 1990, M is 2-5-1 in South Bend.  Not a great record, but there are a couple things that make it not as bad as it seems.

1) The average point difference in those games for M is -2.5
2) In AA against ND since 1990, M is 6-2 (pretty much the same record).  But, the point difference for M is +11.25.

Though it may be true M struggles in South Bend, ND struggles much more in Ann Arbor.  It will be interesting if that is mentioned next year.

I don't have time right now, but I bet any relatively even series will have the home team winning significanly more than the road team.

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  1. Off the op of my head, I'll use the M-OSU rivalry during Bo's years. It might be unfair, because I know it fits your theory very well...

    M was 11-9-1 in that period but I'm surprised - actually the home field ended up not meaning much... M was 6-4-1 in Ann Arbor and 5-5 in Columbus. Considering neither team won on the road from 69-74 (home team 5-0-1), that's surprising that it ended up balanced.

    Here's some others:
    Florida - FSU 1990-2009 - Overall UF leads 11-10-1 home team is 13-6-1 (two neutral site games)

    Auburn - Alabama - 10-10 since 1990. The home team (and I'm going to count Birmingham as home for Alabama) is 13-7