Tuesday, September 7, 2010

espn Bowl predictions - preseason (oops)

Forgot until now to check on the espn experts bowl predictions for Michigan and the rest of the Big1T1en.

They have a new "expert" this year, Andrea Adelson replaces Bruce Feldman; Mark Schlabach remains.

I'll highlight their Big Ten picks:

Illinois - No bowl
Indiana - Schlabach has the Hoosiers in the Little Ceasars Bowl - nothing for Adelson
Iowa - both in the Rose Bowl
Michigan - Texas Bowl (MS) or Dallas Football Classic (AA)
MSU - Gator (MS) or Texas Bowl (AA)
Minnesota - Nothing
Northwestern - Insight (MS) or Gator (AA)
OSU - both in the BCS championship game
PSU - Both in Outback
Purdue - Dallas (MS) or Insight (AA)
Wisconsin - Cap One for both

So it would appear both had the final standings:
then it varies - I'm not sure which bowls get which teams after that anyway...

We'll see if anything changes after the first week. I would guess M might have improved in their minds. Purdue's loss to ND was probably expected (MS had them in the Orange Bowl!) so that shouldn't have dropped them too much, but I bet it does...
Not sure about Northwestern's close victory over Vandy - I predict little change for them.

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