Wednesday, September 8, 2010

espn Bowl predictions - week 1

Week one predictions from ESPN are already in.

Illinois - None
Indiana - None
Iowa - Cap One (MS) or Sugar (AA)
Michigan - Insight (both)
MSU - Texas Bowl (both)
Minnesota - None
Northwestern - Dallas FC (MS) or Gator (AA)
OSU - BCS championship game (both)
PSU - Gator (MS) or Outback (AA)
Purdue - Little Cesar's (MS) or Dallas FC (AA)
Wisconsin - Outback (MS) or Cap One (AA)

No change - Illinois; Minnesota; OSU
For the rest - as I said I haven;t been able to figure out the pattern after the Outback. But Iowa did lose half a BCS bid, which drops everyone down in Schlabach's prediction. Including knocking Indiana out of a bowl all together.

Predicted standings:

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  1. This is the best I could find but it was from mid-season last year. May be other changes after.