Thursday, September 30, 2010

All-time trophy update

Alabama, on a 5 game winning streak as the current trophy holder, takes on Florida this weekend. 'Bama took the trophy from Florida in the SEC championship game last season.

The trophy has been passed 270 times since Rutgers beat Princeton in 1869. Princeton then took the trophy a week later. Sixteen times the team lost the trophy back to the team they took it from:

Princeton from Yale 11/28/1878
Yale from Princeton 11/30/1893
Princeton from Yale 11/10/1894
Penn from Lafayette 10/23/1897
Harvard from Yale 11/23/1901
Yale from Harvard 11/22/1902
Swathmore from Penn 10/13/1906
Harvard from Carlisle 11/7/1908
Harvard from Princeton 11/2/1912
Brown from Colgate 10/27/1917
Stanford from USC 11/11/1934
Notre Dame from Northwestern 11/21/1936
Mississippi over LSU 11/3/1962
UCLA from OSU 11/20/1976
Washington over USC 11/15/1980
Alabama over Penn State 9/12/1987

The frequency definitely dropped after the strongest teams spread throughout the country and out of the Ivy League. In my preseason predictions I predicted Arkansas would take the trophy from the Tide, maybe I was off a week. Go Gators!

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  1. I was going to post on when the next time M could get the trophy. With the conference seasons starting, M will have to wait until a bowl to possibly get it back. The scenarios are numerous. More likely, M will have to wait until next year.