Sunday, September 12, 2010

Special Teams Against ND and other stuff

FG kicking is a problem, clearly.  That could have cost us the game.
-Hagerup may have a strong leg, but he is very inconsistent.  I'm not sure if it was the weather, or if it is the pressure, but those were some awful punts.
-Coverage teams were decent.
-I'll take Gallon making a fair catch every time, as long as he catches it.
-Stonum needs to be more aware of what's going on when he catches a KO in the end zone.  I expect him to return one for a TD this year.  Hopefully, it will be in a big game and not next week.

I'm not convinced I can change my overall record prediction for this season yet, even though M has now won two of my predicted loss games.  There are three reasons for this
1) Denard Robinson.  a-He is so much of the offense, we have to worry about him getting hurt.  If he gets hurt, what is going to happen to the offense.  b-What if someone figures out a way to stop him.  ND was successful at different times causing more punts than we want to do.  M didn't score for over a 2 quarters.  Maybe there will be a team that can do that for 3.
2) The D allows big plays on defense.  M had ND on their heels, and with one snap of the ball, it was a one score game.  Then they get pinned inside their 10 and (then their 5) and one snap of the ball gives ND the lead.  Any close game is one defensive snap away from a loss with this D. 
3) I just don't know how good this team is.  I probably will know more after the MSU game. Probably. 
I know that if M beats Indiana that will be 3 of my predicted losses as victories.  I'm going to wait until at least the MSU game to see if one of my predicted wins is a loss.  Until then, I'm sticking with 6-6 and losing in the bowl game.  unless...

If M plays an SEC team in a bowl game, M will win.  I don't know why I am predicting this, but I am so sick of the talk about SEC speed and seeing M's speed that I am going to predict an M win over an SEC team in a bowl.  By 10.

Good to see Tate Forcier was acting like he was a team player.  If he pretends he has a better attitude, RR will recognize that as having a good attitude and will respond accordingly, saying Tate has a good attitude.  At least, that's the way it worked with my boss.

Both ND and Michigan tried to let the other team win the game, but neither team took advantage.  It resulted in a darn exciting game.

Didn't sound like much of a Michigan crowd at the game.  In the past M games in South Bend, it seems like you can hear more of a positive response when M does something well.  I didn't hear that this time.  Of course, I wasn't deaf in one ear the last time M played at ND.

The M flag logo was nice, but he ND flag logo was horrible.  You couldn't even tell it was ND.  I think the problem is that the ND letters on that version of the logo were wider than some other versions of the logo (less non-letter portion to the logo), like on the NBC broadcast, for instance.  I noticed once when they showed the ND band, the trombones had covers on the end of their slides and some of them had the logo with the thin letters and some had wider letters.  You'd think someone would look at that when it is being designed and say "I don't think you'll be able to tell that looks like ND from that far away".  I guess not.

Why does VTU wear white jerseys at home?  After wearing ugly colorful jerseys against Boise St. and then this, they deserved to lose to JMU (purple jersey).

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